Our Mission to fill “23” Begins

We are so excited to share the first of many blog posts about our 23 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that will be created using the profits from our Packing Party products! For those of you who may not know about our goal, check out the details which we posted back in January.

Today we opened up our brand-new 100 ct. carton of red and green G.O. (known as Gospel Oriented) shoeboxes and folded 23 of them. Setting them out on the floor, we began to fill them with some items which we had already collected such as washcloths, pens, Bible stencils, etc. One item that we’re hoping to include in each of the 23 boxes is… a pair of shoes! We also decided that each box will have a theme that is uniquely its own. Here is a sneak peek of list of the themes but we won’t tell you all of the box themes just yet! ; )

UPDATED 5/20/16: Added themes for boxes 12 and 13.
UPDATED 5/27/16: Added themes for boxes 14 – 23.
UPDATED 9/17/16: Added links to blog posts for each box!

  1. Sports – Including items for as many sports as we can fit.
  2. Colorful – Bringing cheery color to a child’s drab world.
  3. Flying Fun – If it flies, glides or deals with wind, it’s going in this box.
  4. Arts & Crafts – Turning a child’s creativity loose with arts and crafts.
  5. MadeCreatively’s Favorites 1 – Favorite items of the MadeCreatively team.
  6. MadeCreatively’s Favorites 2 – Favorite items of the MadeCreatively team.
  7. MadeCreatively’s Favorites 3 – Favorite items of the MadeCreatively team.
  8. Baby Boy – Cool toys and things for a 2-4 year old boy.
  9. Baby Girl – Cute items for a 2-4 year old girl.
  10. Minnie Mouse – Minnie Mouse items of course. ; )
  11. Shapes – This box is “shaping” up to be filled with fun!
  12. Ringtoss – Ring toss, UNO card game, and other games to play with friends.
  13. Explorer – Backpack, flashlight, field kit and items to explore the great outdoors.
  14. Superhero – Jesus is our superhero, we made a cape for this box!
  15. Bird Puppet 1 – Bird marionette is the “wow toy” for this box.
  16. Bird Puppet 2 – Bird marionette is the “wow toy” for this box.
  17. Cheerleader 1 – Pom poms, pink things and girly girl items.
  18. Cheerleader 2 – Pom poms, pink things and girly girl items.
  19. Winter Fun – Keeping a little boy warm with thermal underwear, hat and more.
  20. Dallas Cowboys – Are you ready for some football?? We are!
  21. Leverage – Items based off of the TV show!
  22. Numb3rs – Items based off of the TV show, math and school!
  23. Emergency! Station 51 – Items based off of our favorite TV show, firefighters and paramedics!

When filled and ready to ship, those 23 shoeboxes will pack perfectly into one Samaritan’s Purse carton that we’ll be able to proudly say was made possible by our wonderful Packing Party customers! Thanks to you and your own packing parties, 23 children’s lives will forever change with the love, hope, Good News and great joy that comes with each shoebox gift.
None of this will be possible without you, so be sure to keep up with the latest MadeCreatively news by reading this blog often!

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