Fun Theme Park Journal

When we go on vacation to Walt Disney World, remembering every magical moment is key so that we can scrapbook the trip once back home. What was the name of that epic cast member who named us “Family of the Hour”? Why didn’t we like the hotel? When and where were our dinner reservations? To help us (and you) remember all of those important details, we designed this handy Theme Park Journal.

Easily record memories and notes using the provided 9 tab dividers and 59 journal pages that were designed to help you remember the most important moments of your theme park vacation. There are areas to doodle, color and draw which will keep kiddos entertained while waiting in line as well as blank pages for characters to sign. It’s a journal, autograph book and planner all rolled into one 3.75″ x 5.5″ book! Best of all, fold and glue the Keepsake Pocket page to hold small treasures you acquire during the trip such as Mickey confetti, stickers, pressed pennies, etc.

The journal is easy to assemble too! Simply print as many pages as you need/want, cut them out and bind together.
Laminate the cover pages and all 9 tab dividers to protected from afternoon rainstorms and random ride splashes which undoubtably will occur during your trip.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for our next trip to Walt Disney World and to begin using our soon-to-be memory-filled journal! We hope you find this journal helpful and fun to use! Since you can print as many journals as you need (for your personal use only) it makes this a very inexpensive item – print journals for your 4 kids and the cost for each works out to be only $1.50! Wow!

Here’s a list of the pages included in the Theme Park Journal:

  • 1 Front Cover and 1 Back Cover
  • 1 “This journal belongs to” page
  • 4 vacation details pages featuring: trip dates, travel route, rate the vacation, hotel details, room #, who went with, etc.
  • 1 “Attractions: Coasters, Ride & More!” tab
    • 6 ride pages featuring: wait times, # of times ridden, doodle area, best ride memory, ride emoticons, etc.
  • 1 “Cast: Making magical memories!” tab
    • 6 cast pages featuring: cast hometown states and countries, cast members met, how they made your day magical, blank autograph page, etc.
  • 1 “Characters: So many to meet & greet!” tab
    • 6 character pages featuring: character name, “character”istics, blank autograph page, etc.
  • 1 “Daily: What adventures will today bring?” tab
    • 6 daily pages featuring: date, park visited, notes, rate the day, today’s weather, top 5 moments, etc.
  • 1 “Entertainment: Fireworks, Parades & Shows!” tab
    • 2 parade pages featuring: parade name, doodle area, coloring area, parade memories, top 5 parade sights, etc.
    • 2 show pages featuring: show name, doodle area, rate the show, best show quote, favorite part, etc.
    • 2 fireworks pages featuring: notes, firework shapes seen, firework colors seen, etc.
  • 1 “Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & More!” tab
    • 6 meal pages featuring: restaurant, reservation # and time, what I ate, server’s name, rate the meal, etc.
  • 1 “Pin Trading: So many pins to collect!” tab
    • 6 pin trading pages featuring: best pin trading memory, pins I’m looking for, pin trading details, notes, etc.
  • 1 “Transportation: Boats, Buses & Monorails!” tab
    • 2 boat pages featuring: doodle area, 5 most interesting sights, boats ridden, etc.
    • 2 monorail pages featuring: doodle area, design your own monorail, train colors ridden, best monorail memory, etc.
    • 2 bus pages featuring: doodle area, 5 most interesting sights, rate the bus ride, etc.
  • 1 “Miscellaneous: Notes, Lists & More!” tab
    • 1 blank lined To Do page
    • 1 blank lined List! page
    • 4 blank lined Notes! pages
    • 1 Keepsake Pocket