Fall in Love with Autumn Face Masks

A crisp cool autumn breeze floats gently by, announcing the arrival of a new season – Autumn! And with this season comes our latest Handmade Fitted Fabric Face Masks which feature Autumn and Thanksgiving themes that are perfect for school, gatherings, everyday use and more!

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Our Face Mask Journey

Chapter 5: Fall in Love with Autumn Face Masks

If you’ve followed along with us on our Face Mask Journey which began back in Spring, you know what a wild ride it has been! Summer has come and gone and now that the weather is turning cooler, we thought it would be the perfect time to announce our Autumn-themed Handmade Fitted Fabric Face Masks. Created using premium fabrics, these masks are extra stylish because they feature Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving prints and colors! Whether wearing these attractive masks at school, work or simply to the grocery store, we have a wide assortment of prints and colors including:

  • Fall foliage and autumn leaves
  • All sizes and shapes of pumpkins
  • Country and harvest prints
  • Even turkeys and cornucopias
  • Manly camouflage
  • Adorable calicos
  • Sunflowers and scarecrows
  • Khaki, oranges, reds, browns, tans, yellows & more!

As with our other Handmade Reversible Fitted Fabric Face Masks, these new Autumn masks are made in the United States of America and are extremely durable! Winter will be here before you know it and with it comes the cold and flu season. Forget those flimsy disposable paper masks with the elastic loops that eventually loose their elasticity and instead give yourself (or your friends and family) the comfort and protection that a Handmade Reversible Fitted Fabric Face Masks from MadeCreatively can offer! With two layers of fabric and adjustable ties, you can wear the mask several different ways to find the most comfortable and convenient option for you.

Tie It! Face masks with ties have been around for hundred of years and still offer one of the widest ranges of comfort due to the fact that you can adjust how tightly or loosely your mask fits. Simply tie both top ties and bottom ties together around the back of your head and neck at a level of tightness that is comfortable for you. Our special ties go above and beyond the normal all-fabric ties and offer a much needed amount of stretch and give. This means our ties will flex slightly so that you can still talk, look up and yawn!

Ear Loops That Fit Your Ears! Have you noticed how those mass-production face masks have ear loops that are either too big or too small? Pretty soon the elastic wears out and you find yourself wearing a mask that dangles around your chin. With our mask, simply knot both left side and right side ties together to form ear loops that can be easily tightened or loosened to fit your face comfortably.

Try MadeCreatively’s ‘Quick Release’ Ear Loops! What happens if you prefer the “easy-on, easy-off” convenience of ear loops but you also like how tying the mask around your head and neck keeps the strain off of your ears? Well, we’ve come up with a way for you to have the best of both worlds!

  1. Knot the ties to form ear loops (see instructions in the paragraph above) but don’t cut off the excess ties!
  2. Fold both right (or left) side ties back over themselves so you have 4 strands side-by-side, then use an overhand loop knot to create a large knot near the end. You’ll end up with two loops at the top of the knot that look like bunny ears.
  3. Knot both ties on the opposite side of the mask together near the ends using a regular overhand knot (just like you did to create the ear loop) to form a large loop.
  4. Place the ear loops over your ears, then (around the back of your head) place the large knot into the large loop. Adjust the placement of the knot made in Step #3 so that the mask has a comfortable fit.
  5. To take the mask off, simply pull the large loop to the side, then backwards. It will pop right off of the knot. No more knotted tangles of hair and ties or unhappy ears!

Christmas will be here before we know it and  Beasley has an exciting announcement coming, so stay tuned…