Christmas Fun with New App

Merry Christmas! Another brand-new MadeCreatively mobile app has been released! We partnered with i360Studios, a clever team who develops creative and innovative mobile apps, to bring Activity Bingo Sports and Activity Bingo Field Trip to the world of mobile games and are thrilled to announce our 3rd app, Activity Bingo Christmas, is FREE! Featuring the Bingo cards we designed, this one-of-a-kind game is easy-to-play and entertaining for players of all ages. This year while you decorate the Christmas tree, host a holiday party or tour the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights, be sure to bring your favorite mobile device with this app on it! Our collection of Activity Bingo apps will continue to expand to feature many different themed topics, enabling you to play the interactive game at home, on the road, at the stadium and beyond.

Christmas Alphabet Bingo is a fun way to stay entertained during the holidays. Look for common Christmas items such as a ‘Wreath’, ‘Icicle’, ‘Nativity’ and more. Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, this game will help pass the time as you look for Christmas items and decorations to earn a Bingo!

Christmas Lights Bingo is the perfect addition to your next drive to admire Christmas lights in the neighborhood! Did you just see a house with blue Christmas lights? Mark it off! Was there light-up reindeer or a nativity? Mark it off! Did you hear Christmas music and see dancing lights? Mark it off! Most any decorated house you see will mark off a spot.

Christmas Party Bingo gives your guests a fun-filled activity at your holiday event! Can you spot someone with a ‘Name Tag’ or ‘Santa Hat’? How about the ‘Scent of Peppermint’ or the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’? There’s a good chance that your guests will be able to easily mark off spots and get a Bingo in no time at all!

Christmas Tree Bingo is the ultimate game for kids to play while admiring the Christmas tree. Scan the branches and mark off the types of ornaments you see such as ‘Homemade Ornament’ or ‘Sports Ornament’ as well as items such as ‘Tree Skirt’, ‘Paper Chain’ and ‘Tree Top Star’.

Now, let’s give you a glimpse into what makes this app so special . . .
Each Activity Bingo app features four different card themes with hundreds of cards packed with color and detail. On an iPhone®, you can only play one card at a time but on an iPad®, you can choose to play two cards side-by-side. This enables you to compete with a friend or simply play two cards at once! There are four unique styles of gameplay which provide endless hours of entertainment. Read more about it here!

And as we mentioned before, more themed variations of Activity Bingo are on the way so stay tuned!