Who would be your Disney sidekick?

Picture this… you’re sitting at the seat reserved for you at your friend’s party with seven complete strangers around the table. Each is too shy to strike up a conversation with the rest of the table, leading to awkward silence and polite smiles. You look down and notice a small card with a question on it resting next to the place card. Suddenly, the guy sitting to your left says “Zazu“. Seven stunned faces turn toward him, wondering what they just heard. “The card says ‘Who would be your Disney sidekick?’ and mine would be Zazu” he explains. Soon each person at the table is offering who would be their ultimate sidekick and asking others what question is on the card at their place setting. Laughter ensues at some of the responses to the questions which sparks stories and tales of adventure had in Disney Parks. Gone is the awkward silence, now replaced with stress-free chit-chat with those former strangers! MadeCreatively’s Conversation Cards saved the day!

Download each set of 8 cards for FREE today! Instructions for 3 gameplay variations and ideas for non-gameplay uses are included. More variations of this icebreaker are on the way, so check back often!

Conversation Cards - Disney Set 1 (Cards #1-#8)

Conversation Cards - Disney Set 2 (Cards #9-#16)