Racing’s Coolest Fan

This week, Beasley is here to showcase the newest product in MadeCreatively’s growing collection of easy-to-do crafts, “Cool” Race Fans! Here’s the inside scoop…

Picture this… You’re sitting in the stands under a blazing sun watching your favorite stock car driver zoom around the track. There isn’t a breath of wind and you’re pretty sure you’re slowly melting into a puddle of sweat. But wait, what’s this? The NASCAR fan next to you is barely sweating and doesn’t smell like a 3-day-old pair of socks! How can this be? What secret to staying cool do they know that you have yet to uncover? Then you see it. In their hand is a punny paper fan that claims they are cool – both in temperature and in awesomeness! Desperate for relief, you inquire as to where they came by such a desirable item and learn it’s the newest product from MadeCreatively. They go on to say that printing and assembling the fan was a breeze – no pun intended. Just when you think you’re doomed to perennial perspiration beside this refreshed race fan, they pull a second fan out of their bag and give it to you! Suddenly, a cool breeze floats across your moist brow bringing relief from the sweltering heat like jumping into a swimming pool. Visiting MadeCreatively’s website and getting these paper fans for yourself quickly jumps to the top of your To-Do list before next week’s race! And maybe bring a few extras – just in case you find yourself sitting next to a sweaty spectator that reminds you of your former self before owning some of MadeCreatively’s “Cool” Race Fans!

So what’s included in our “Cool” Race Fans? Three cleverly-designed paper fans that let fellow spectators know that not only are you cool (i.e. awesome) but when using these fans, you’re also much cooler than they are. Assembly instructions are included! All you’ll need is card stock paper, scissors and large self-adhesive tip craft sticks. We recommend laminating the fan for added durability before attaching to the craft stick.

Get yours today and be as cool as Beasley!

Disclaimer: While our paper fans are indeed awesome, they are not guaranteed to make you stop sweating or smell better! Also, we cannot guarantee that the race fan next to you will have an extra MadeCreatively paper fan to share with you. Be that person who shares with others!