Our Collection Center Journal

If you are an Operation Christmas Child Collection Center Co-ordinator, you have to remember countless numbers, names, dates and stats.

  • What were the destination countries for your center in 2013?
  • When Aunt Sue drops off shoeboxes from her packing party and asks how many she gave last year – will you remember?
  • Why can’t you remember the name of the contact person for your newest Relay Center?

 To help you remember all of those important details, we designed this handy Collection Center Journal. Easily find stats and notes using the provided 5 tab dividers and 52 journal pages that were designed to help you record the vast amount of information that Collection Week brings (more on that below). While NOT meant to replace official Collection Center logs/reports/forms, this journal is a great way to record memories and notes for your personal use!

The journal is easy to assemble too! Simply print as many pages as you need/want, cut them out and bind together.
For our example journal, we laminated the cover pages and all 5 tab dividers. Then we purchased 2 clear check-size poly envelopes at the office supply store and some 18 gauge silver craft wire. We cut off both ends of the poly envelopes, hole-punched the pages, tabs and envelopes and then sliced the bottom edge of one poly envelope into two pieces. After wrapping the craft wire around a wooden dowel rod to form a spiral, we threaded it through the holes to bind the pages and envelopes together. Now our journal is protected from rain and random beverage spills with a velcro-secured cover!

For the second poly envelope, we trimmed the ends to match the size of the journal pages and had placed it between the last page and the envelope cover. With a needle and red embroidery thread, we stitched both sides of the envelope to form an enclosed pouch. It’s perfect for holding business cards, Post-It notes, paperclips, small pens or pencils and more!

Using green embroidery thread, we stitched the leftover poly envelope pieces to the back cover to form two pouches to hold items that we might need quick access to!

Needless to say, we can’t wait for National Collection Week to begin! We hope you find this journal helpful and remember, all profits from its sales go to shipping shoeboxes!

Here’s a list of the pages included in the Collection Center Journal:

  • 1 Front Cover and 1 Back Cover
  • 1 Collection Center Info tab
    • 1 Collection Center page
    • 1 Processing Center page
    • 2 Things to Remember pages
    • 4 Trailer pages
    • 4 Year Total pages
  • 1 Daily Totals tab
    • 2 Monday pages
    • 1 Tuesday page
    • 1 Wednesday page
    • 1 Thursday page
    • 1 Friday page
    • 1 Saturday page
    • 1 Sunday page
  • 1 Relay Centers tab
    • 4 Relay Center pages
    • 4 Gifts-In-Kind pages
  • 1 Shoebox Donors tab
    • 4 Shoebox Donor pages
    • 4 Gifts-In-Kind pages
  • 1 Notes tab
    • 8 Blank lined pages
    • 8 Blank pages