OCC Processing Center 2016

Here are a few pics from Dallas/Fort Worth’s 2016 Operation Christmas Child Processing Center in Coppell. Over a span of 21 days, volunteers processed 913,292 shoeboxes – wow!

Shoeboxes of all shapes and sizes were stacked in front of the big Operation Christmas Child stage!

There are many roles on the shoebox-processing line, but the order remains the ssame: pre-Inspect, inspect, tape, cartonize, repeat!

Take a look at all of these wonderful volunteers! Despite being in a cold warehouse, everyone was in high spirits as they processed shoeboxes while listening to Christmas music over the loud speakers.

Those daily stats are amazing! The first column shows the date and the second column shows how many shoeboxes were processes that day. Column #3 totals the number of shoeboxes processed at this Center to-date, while column #4 shows the number of shoeboxes processed across all of the US Processing Centers at that date. Finally, the last column lists the countries that each day’s shoeboxes from this Center went to!