Lone Star Legends Racing!

Tonight, Beasley traveled with us back to the Texas Motor Speedway to watch the Lone Star Legends races. Despite getting lost and having ask for directions to the track where the Legend cars were racing, we arrived in plenty of time to find the perfect seat in the stands. Choosing the perfect seat on the top row of bleachers, we had a spectacular view of the track and a wonderful stiff breeze that kept the bugs away and the temperature cooler! We munched on dinner (delicious wraps from Buc-ee’s) while we waited for the races to begin.

Before too long, it was time! The pace car driver led 10 Legend cars around the track to warm up after getting a little push from a fellow driver to get the pace car started. With a wave of the flag, they were off! Zooming past with a loud roar, they darted around the track, passing and skidding through the turns with laps flying by in the blink of an eye. It was so exciting!! Even though we didn’t know any of the drivers, we enjoyed cheering and clapping for them with the other dozen people in the stands.

Between races, the pace car driver walked across the track and up into the stands to say hello and meet the rest of our group. He explained how the races work, what the flags meant and answered other questions we had. The race announcer was very entertaining, teasing back and forth with the track officials and drivers, making the fans laugh! All in all, it was a fantastic evening. See you next time . . .