A Bat-tastic Box

Jumping jellybeans Batman! MadeCreatively just created a Bat-tastic box to store your LEGO Minifigure of the infamous superhero!

Slide this tiny box out of the sleeve and pull the ribbon tab to open the lid to find that a LEGO Batman Minifigure with his Bat-arang accessories fit perfectly inside. Measuring approximately 2.25″ x 1.75″ x 1″, the box is surrounded by a sleeve featuring LEGO Batman on the front, “The LEGO Batman Movie” logos on either side and Bat holding a VIP Pass movie ticket on the back. Slide the box out to see the skyline of Gotham City and Bat leaping toward you on the lid. The Gotham City skyline continues inside the box, making the perfect backdrop for the superhero!

Want to see other custom Minifigure Boxes for your favorite LEGO characters? Let us know!