Safety ID Bracelets – Set of 2

With a soft-to-the-touch band, MadeCreatively’s Safety ID bracelet is adjustable, lightweight, re-usable and can be washed and worn over and over! It features waterproof labels on the inside and outside of the band that are personalized with information needed in an emergency.


To a parent, nothing is more precious than your child. You want to make sure your child is safe at all times, especially when you’re not nearby. Which is why we have designed a versatile Safety ID bracelet that is adjustable, lightweight, re-usable and can be washed and worn over and over!

One of the biggest worries for parents is what would happen if their child became lost. Would your child be able to recite your phone number to someone in authority? If your child is autistic, would someone in authority recognize that your child is autistic and know what kind of special needs autistic children have? For children with chronic conditions like allergies, diabetes, epilepsy and others, would your child receive the help he or she needs in an emergency? You need peace of mind which is why our Safety ID bracelet has 3 unique styles to fit your specific needs:

  • Emergency ID bracelet: Provides valuable contact information in the event of an emergency.
  • If Lost ID bracelet: Perfect for trips to theme parks, it informs people in authority who they should contact in the event your child becomes lost.
  • Medical ID bracelet: The most recognizable form of medical alert jewelry for EMTs and paramedics, it alerts responders of important medical information in an emergency.

With a soft-to-the-touch band, the bracelet features waterproof labels on the inside and outside of the band that are personalized with the information provided in your order. Secure yet adjustable due to a velcro closure, it can be sized to fit wrists up to 6 inches for kids as well as teens, adults and senior citizens with small wrists. Sold in a set of 2, these bracelets are both fun and functional and come in these color pairings: Red & Black, Yellow & Green, and Blue & Orange.

About Our Safety ID Bracelets

  • Personalized

    Customize the wording on the waterpoof tag to best suit your child's emergency information.

  • Re-Usable

    Lightweight, re-usable, waterproof, washable (by hand).

  • Visible

    Each bracelet is brightly-colored for easy visibility in an emergency. The Medical ID bracelet also features the globally-recognized medical emblem also known as the Star of Life.

  • Adjustable

    With an adjustable closure, the bracelet can fit wrists up to 6 inches (kids, most teens, small adults, small senior citizens).

  • Handmade

    Safety ID Bracelets are assembled and personalized by hand in the great state of Texas! By shopping with us, your purchase supports small business and products made in America!

Order Details


    • 2 Safety ID Bracelets measuring approx. 8″ each, customized with the wording provided with your order.


    • All Safety ID Bracelet orders ship via USPS First Class Mail once payment is processed.
    • Upgraded Priority shipping is recommended.


For best results, hand wash and lay flat to dry.


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