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During a 10-hour road trip, we invented the Name 7 Game™ which is a fun-filled, thought-provoking, conversation-sparking and even educational quiz competition game. With 100 game cards covering general knowledge topics from 20 unique categories, there is bound to be a topic for everyone!


Ah… long road trips… minutes can seem like hours and let’s be honest, hours seem like forever! At some point, the excitement of your destination wears off, leaving you with the task of keeping your passengers entertained for the remainder of the journey. Fear not, for we have the ultimate solution for passengers of all ages! During a 10-hour road trip, we invented the Name 7 Game which is a fun-filled, thought-provoking, conversation-sparking and even educational quiz competition game. With 100 game cards covering general knowledge topical from 20 unique categories, there is bound to be a topic for everyone! Store the game cards in the provided card box which is easy to assemble and includes gameplay instructions right on the box. Whether you are traveling with one passenger or 7, there will never be a dull moment in the car!

How To Play: Simply choose a card and read the topic aloud. Passengers in the car take turns calling out correct answers until all 7 have been given. Note: Some topics have exactly 7 correct answers and others have more, so answers are NOT provided. The challenge is to come up with at least 7 correct answers!

Game Categories: Ancient Greece & Rome, Animals, Architecture, The Bible, Earth, English Language, Fashion, Food, Fun & Games, Human Body, Medieval Times, Music, Plants, Science, Sounds, Sports, Things You’d Find…, Transportation, TV & Movies, and United States of America.

Sample Game Card Topics: “Name 7 fictional TV families with at least 3 kids”, “Name 7 types of berries”, “Name 7 Fruits of the Spirit”.

About Our Name 7 Game

  • Unique Game

    This game is both entertaining and educational! Play alone or with friends to increase your knowledge in various categories!

  • Print At Home

    Simply print the PDF on a heavy card stock paper using your home printer.

  • High-Quality

    All of our digital files are high quality 300 dpi PDFs and are password protected. You will be unable to make any changes to them.

  • Entertaining

    Perfect for kids as well as kids-at-heart, our Name 7 card games provides hours of entertainment! Great for travel, homeschooling, fields trips, parties and more.

  • Handmade

    All of our digital downloads are designed by hand in the great state of Texas! By shopping with us, your purchase supports small business and products made in America!

Order Details


    • 1 PDF file (8.5″ x 11″) with 1 Name 7 Game card box and 100 game cards.

    • Assembled game card box dimensions: (L x W x H) approx. 3.7 in. x 2.25 in. x 1 in.
    • Printed game card dimensions: (L x W x H) approx. 3.5 in. x 2 in.
Downloading & Printing

    • Once your order has been completed, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the PDF.
    • If you have an account, your download links can also be accessed by viewing the My Account page.
    • Each PDF can be downloaded up to 5 times and is available for 30 days after the purchase date.

    • Print using your home printer.
    • Please Note: Colors may vary slightly due to printer and monitor variations. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.


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