Place Special Order: Face Masks

1. Add Order & Shipping Details

Select how many masks to order and choose two colors for the fabric of the masks.

Provide your full name, valid email address, and complete shipping address.

Your Order....

2. Submit Order, Receive Invoice & Pay

Click “Submit Custom Order“.

We’ll review your order request and choose several solid-colored fabrics in shades that match the colors you requested as closely as possible and email you the choices. Once you select the exact fabric colors you want, we’ll then email you an invoice to complete payment via PayPal.

3. Order Filled & Shipped

Once payment is completed, we’ll order the fabric and begin sewing your masks. Once your order is filled, it will be shipped. 

Depending on the quantity ordered, please allow an additional 1 to 2 weeks for the special order fabric to arrive and the masks to be created.